Spa Pedicure


1.) Relax in a warm fragrant bath of Sea Spa foot soak treatment. Sea spa helps soften and break down dead skin cells for an  easy removal.

2.) Then we apply Leg and foot cleansing scrub that exfoliates and conditions while removing unwanted dead skin. Specially formulated with Jojoba, Aloe Vera, and pumice to soften and reduce callused skin.

3.) We apply a Sloughing lotion to any callused area on the foot that is Infused with pumice to exfoliate and remove dry or rough skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

4.) Then we apply a Mineral Marine Mask specially formulated to heal and remove impurities from skin. It rejuvenates and maintains youthful elasticity. It's exclusive blend of essential minerals helps regenerate and revitalize skin as well as help with circulation.

5.) We allow you to choose the scent of your Massage Lotion that is gently applied from the knee down. This protein formula heals and rejuvenates dry skin. Leaving feet feeling soft and moisturized. It is a special blend of Collagen, Elastin, and Botanical Proteins that help restore skin tone and texture.

6.) We apply a warm Paraffin Treatment to your feet. The benefits of paraffin for feet heal calluses and blisters, as well as open up the pores and deeply moisturize the skin. The heated wax can also work to soothe aching joints and promote blood circulation in the feet. The treatment may also help with people suffering from arthritis.

7.) Lastly we do all the toe work, push back the cuticles, clip/file/buff the nails and the apply the polish.

Our Tropical spa Pedicures are like none of the rest!

This service takes about 60 minutes.